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Optifog - layer

Say goodbye to your spectacle lenses fogging up!

Essilor Optifog surface treatment provides a solution to this problem: moisture will not appear on the surface of the spectacle lens if the surface is treated, so it will provide an innovative solution when you are engaged in a sport activity or even when you wear a mask!

There are life situations when our glasses mist up. If you are wearing a mask or exercising, or when you are in a humid environment, water vapour in the air may condense on your spectacle lenses, significantly impairing your visual experience.
That's why Optifog spectacle lenses have been developed to give you an all-day, fog-free experience.
The lenses are provided with a special cleaning cloth. Wipe the spectacle lenses with the Optifog smart cloth to protect your glasses all day against unpleasant fogging up.

optifog réteg

What are the benefits of the Optifog layer?

  • It provides a solution against condensation.
  • It provides complete UV protection, thus protecting the health of your eyes from harmful rays.
  • The Optifog surface treatment can be applied to any type of spectacle lens, whether single-focus or multifocal.