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Transitions photochromic lenses

Thanks to the Transitions photochromic technology, your lenses will automatically adapt to changing light conditions, while providing protection against UV rays and harmful blue-violet light, both indoors and outdoors.

Transitions fényre sötétedő szemüveglencsék

Combine your glasses with light intelligent technology, which gives you protection both indoors and outdoors. The Transitions Gen8 lenses constantly adapt to light conditions. Thanks to their unique 8-component blend, which represents a significant breakthrough in molecular technology, more light is absorbed, resulting in better lens response in all conditions.

How fast do Transitions lenses darken and lighten?

The UV radiation of natural sunlight immediately starts to darken the lens, so after a few seconds, you can already enjoy the benefits of a dark spectacle lens. Similarly to the darkening process, it can fade back just as quickly. As the UV radiation ceases, the lens immediately starts to lighten in colour.

What colours are Transitions lenses available in?

Transitions lenses are available in seven trendy colours, so you can customise the look of your eyewear to your unique style. In addition to the neat brown, classic grey and striking green, Transitions lenses now include the unique novelty line of STYLE COLORS lenses, which are available in four youthful, trendy shades: deep green EMERALD, exciting blue SAPPHIRE, AMETHIST, sparkling in bold blue-purple, and AMBER, evoking old times.